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Saint James and a Harp

A few parishioners of the St. James’ family met up with the choir during the tour. These are some thoughts submitted by Sara Jane Thies. On this day of our patron, Saint James, we are blessed to have been in my motherland Ireland for almost a week. Starting in Dublin, to research more of the…

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The Final Chord of Ireland

This submission was written by the Dean for The Choir of Saint James, Adam Noel. As I write this, it is the eve of the choir’s final time singing together on this tour to Ireland. We will be singing the morning Eucharist service at St. Nicholas Collegiate Church in Galway, which serves as a perfect…

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Sights, Sounds, and Savories of Galway

This article was written by choir member, Kristina Valcarce.  This morning the choir left Cork to head to Galway.  I woke up earlier than I expected and enjoyed the delicious breakfast that came with our stay at the Metropole Hotel.  It didn’t take very long to pack up, so I left my bags with the…

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Adventure in Kinsale

Today’s blog was contributed by choir member, Milena Gligić. I am in love with the music that I get to sing with St. James’ Choir, particularly the music of Jim Buonemani that I believe should be on everyone’s choral playlist! I feel like every concert that we sing is as much for us as for…

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Creating Magical Memories

  Submitted by Canon James Buonemani, director of The Choir of Saint James. We are just about halfway through our tour (time indeed flies!) and with three performances under our belt, we are excited about the remaining two, both of which take place in the beautiful coastal town of Galway. So many magical memories are…

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An Unexpected Garden in Cork

Today’s blog was written by choir member, Megan Malone-Franklin. After our concert at St. Fin Barr’s Cathedral in Cork today, we visited Blarney Castle & Gardens. About a 25 minute bus ride away, the grounds were absolutely exquisite. We didn’t do any research into the history of the castle or gardens before visiting, which is…

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Road to Tullamore

Today’s story is contributed by choir member, Lucy Wegner. Tuesday brought a day trip to Tullamore and a concert at the Church of the Assumption.  After a bus trip through lush countryside, and many cows, we arrived at the church. The Church of the Assumption is a large modern church, constructed in the 1980s after…

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First Days in Dublin

Our first tour update is from choir member, Gerry Craft.   Approximately 35 singers, several guests and parishioners, and of course our Associate Organist, our Choirmaster, and our Rector were thrilled to arrive in Dublin, Ireland, on Friday, July 19th! Not many of us had visited Ireland before and everybody was looking forward to the…

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The Music of What Happens

Hi Everyone,   As a traveler, I’ve always liked to take things easy. On a trip to Paris in my twenties, my best friend and I clashed terribly. She wanted to fill our days with castles and museums, a rigid checklist of must-sees, and I wanted to sit dreamily in cafes, sipping espresso and watching…

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Choir of St. James Ireland Tour

On July 19, Mother Kate and 38 members of our choir will arrive in Dublin, Ireland, for a 10-day singing pilgrimage. With its sacred sites pre-existing Egypt’s pyramids, Ireland’s religious history spans the centuries from before the Druids of the Celts through the foundations of Christianity laid by St. Patrick and evolving to the present…

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