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Tell us your stories!

As we continue in this season of Pentecost, we’d like to further the conversation on “what it means to you to be an instrument of transformation in the world.” Throughout the next several weeks you will see featured stories of the people of St. James’ on the web and social media. We need to hear from you!

We All Have Stories

April 15, 2016

In the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to leave everything I knew- my career, my home and life in Charleston, SC to drive all the way across the country. The adventure was full of freedom, solitude, and at times fear. But, mostly it was full of wonder and curiosity. I saw much of…

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Great stories will follow these talking points:

  • Tell us about your work, school, or volunteer experience.
  • How have you brought compassion, love, forgiveness, justice, mercy, etc. into the world?
  • What drives your passions throughout the week?
  • Do you have any favorite stories from your work?
  • 300 words or less
  • Upload a high quality landscape photo, or we can take one for you!