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Commissioned Responsorial Setting of a Psalm by Dr. Tom Mueller



Choose a psalm (no more than 20 verses) for a Responsorial setting by Dr. Tom Mueller.

You piece will be sung at a morning Eucharist service.

A Responsorial Setting of a Psalm includes an ANTIPHON (or “Response”) to be sung by the Congregation between verses sung by the Choir. Although the ANTIPHON is a unison melody that is easy to sing, the verses are composed with greater complexity to enhance the text of the psalm.  The purchaser may choose a psalm (no more than 20 verses) to be set in this fashion by Associate Organist Dr. Tom Mueller, a prize-winning composer and Assistant Professor at Concordia College, Irvine, CA. It will be performed by the Choir of St. James at Sunday morning Eucharist during the 2017-2018 season.