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The History of St. James'

In 2012 St. James’ Celebrated Its Centennial

St. James’ Church marks 100 years of worship, service Wilshire Center parish thrives on worship, music and service Becoming a great metropolitan parish was probably not foremost in the mind of the Rev. Noel Porter when he became the first rector of St. James’ Church in 1911. With a monthly parish income of $12 and…

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Clergy History

first services 1908, parish 1912

Bishop Joseph H. Johnson

Octavius Parker

A.  W. Noel Porter
1911 rector 1912-18

Ray Oakley Miller
rector 1919-47

George W. Barrett
rector 1947-52

Ivol I. Curtis
rector 1953-60

Samuel D’Amico
rector 1963-79

Robert Oliver
rector 1979-90

Kirk S. Smith
rector 1991-2004

Paul Kowalewski
rector 2005-2013

Thomas Discavage
priest-in-charge 2013-2014

Bishop Catherine Roskam
bishop-in-charge 2014-2018

Kate Cress
rector 2018-