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Korean 한국어 Community

Read About Fr. Kim's Homeless Ministry

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In recent years St. James has been blessed with the growth of a Korean community, adding to the diversity we celebrate. This section of the site explores just a few of the facets by which this community has enriched out parish life.

Meet David Lee and the St. James’ Korean Choir

David-LeeMy name is David Sang-Ryul Lee. I am a first generation immigrant who came to US thirty years ago. Although my English is not good enough to have a long conversation, I love all of you at St. James very much. Korean members want to be kind to you all but our language difference keep us from doing so.

I have been coming to St. James for two years and now all of our family, my mother, my wife and her mother, and nephews & niece, are attending with me every Sunday. I was a cradle Anglican in Korea but served as a Presbyterian elder for twenty years in US and now it feels like coming back home. I do a lot of work for Fr. Kim’s Street Ministry and I am the leader of Korean Choir. It has been my dream to start a choir at St. James with the homeless people at Fr. Kim’s shelter.

Now with 15 people, including 7 from the shelter, the choir serves sometimes at the combined service and every other Sunday at the Korean service. Below is a photo of our choir at the Love Concert on July 25th, a concert of choirs from various Korean churches in the area.

I love the building, the service, the clergy and all the people of St. James and I wholeheartedly look forward to coming here every Sunday.

David Lee