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Filming at St. James’ Church, Court Yard and Parish Hall


The church building is located at 3903 Wilshire Boulevard, in the Wilshire Center section of Los Angeles.  It was designed by architect Benjamin G. McDougall in 1925 in the English Gothic style and is considered to be one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture in Southern California.

It is constructed of reinforced concrete with a stucco overlay and seats approximately 500.

One of the church’s most distinctive features is its verticality – the massive roof is 60 feet high at its zenith.  The bell tower is 100 feet high. Consistent with its early 20th century construction, St. James’ is a showcase of Arts and Crafts design.   The Judson Studios, well-known stained glass artists from Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco tradition, has supplied all of the church’s stained glass windows, with periodic installations from 1932 to the present. Especially notable are the altar window, designed by Walter H. Judson, and at the opposite end of the nave, the intricate gallery window by Walter’s son, Horace T. Judson. The aisles of the nave feature California art tile, with a beautiful mosaic at the foot of the chancel steps. The pipes of the fine 1911 (rebuilt in 1995) Murray Harris organ named in honor of the late David John Falconer, former organist-choirmaster, tower above the chancel.

The recently restored organ has approximately 5,000 pipes and is the focal point of St. James’ extensive musical outreach.

The Church has been recently featured in music videos for Tyrese, Ariana Grande, as well as numerous television pilots.  St. James’ has also been a location for Germany’s Top Model, Madmen, West Wing, as well as the films Death Becomes Her and  End of Days. 

LOT DIMENSIONS (including parish hall and parking lot):

160 feet wide X 220 feet long
Exterior dimensions of church (without chapel):
54 feet wide X 145 feet long

The Parish Hall stands to the west of the church building on Wilshire Blvd., separated from the church by the Chapel at the north end and a tree-lined courtyard. Celebrated architect Johannes Van Tilburg designed the building, seeking to capture the spirit of a medieval cathedral in a modern structure. It was completed in 1994. Phillips Hall, the two-story assembly room, with its eye-catching beam-and-truss ceiling, occupies the ground floor. A striking two-story stained glass window depicting the cross and the Jesse Tree beckons to the passersby on Wilshire Blvd. Judson Studios designed the window in twentieth-century style, using faceted glass.




Phillips Hall shares the ground floor with a large kitchen and the Infant Care Center. Parish offices, two meeting rooms and a library occupy the second floor. The large basement room is dedicated to youth activities. The basement also houses the St. James’ food pantry.

All of these rooms are available for shooting; or other production needs such as extras-holding.

DIMENSIONS of Parish Hall:

40 feet wide X 65 feet long
Square footage of building:
15,504 square feet (two floors and basement)


Parking at St. James’ is limited, but available.  On weekdays when St. James’ School is in session, the lot behind the church is generally not available (16 spaces) and the lot on Gramercy Drive (40 spaces) is only available weeknights and weekends (It is available every day except Sunday between mid-June through August and school holidays when school is not in session, as is St. Andrews Place in front of the school).  However, the city will allow a lane closure on the north side of Wilshire from St. Andrews going west one block.  The street parking on St. Andrews Place just east of the church property is also available.  There are lots available along the Wilshire Corridor for truck parking (eg: Methodist Church lot and Ambassador Hotel).


The church building is generally available weekdays and Saturday, but not Sunday.  There are various events that happen during the week so we will do our best to accomodate your shooting schedule.  Although the staff of St. James’ asks that production companies respect the sanctity of the interior of the church, we are open to most script/scene situations.  We do ask however to see the script pages involving the church for approval.


For additional information and fees for shooting at St. James’ please contact:

St. James’ Church